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A Spanish-speaking odyssey

This is the journey of my language speaking so far.

I'm pleased to report my language skills have noticeably improved over the past few months. Although my speaking is still a bit hit and miss, I can get by, and have a sufficient vocabulary to express most things I need to say.

I always felt that a threshold point would be where I would have sufficient fluency that if there was something I didn't understand, or know how to express, I could express it in more simple terms, and I would understand the explanation - thus not needing to turn to a dictionary or translator every time.

I think that I am nearing that point now. Probably my greatest weakness is in comprehension. The best conversations I have are with those who know to use more straightforward words, and know to speak a bit slower. If I meet someone who does not appreciate my level of spanish, I'm less likely to understand what they say.

For this reason, my ability to converse with people I don't know (such as in a shop), or to converse over the phone, is more limited, and I still have to keep pushing myself past the confidence barrier in those contexts.

I'll be taking some private classes in the evening from now on to keep brushing up, and keep optimistic that I will be more fluent in another 3 months or so.

You'll know when I've arrived, when my website becomes bi-lingual!

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Anonymous Kev said...

Keep going Tim. It sounds as though you are doing well, like you say keep pushing yourself to get past any feelings of fear.

People will know that you are not a native speaker and I'm sure that in many situations they'll be impressed by your grasp of their language and encourage you to improve and have patience with you. Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:29:00 PM  

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