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Vacacciones de Cuba

Well ok, my blog entries won't be quite that regular in the week ahead. I'm off to pay my respects to Fidel Castro on Sunday as I have the arduous task of travelling to Cuba for a short break.

I'm taking advantage of the opportunity as two of my fellow 'Latin Linkers' need to leave Mexico for a few days to renew their visas (they only have 6-month tourist visas). Although I don't need to go, I couldn't really turn down the opportunity when they said they were going to Cuba.

The only slight downside to this once-in-a-life-time never-to-be-done-again adventure is that my digital camera still hasn't returned from the repairers (see previous entry today), meaning I can't prove I went. Still, I'm going to try and find a disposable camera or something, but great shame, all the same.

On the upside, and even though I'll never be able to prove I went, I will be celebrating my 32nd birthday in Cuba on Monday 13th.

I'll do my best however to collect some evidence, and post my experiences when I get back. And if I can find an internet cafe - I may even post a blog from the shores of Cuba itself.

Stay tuned.

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Blogger St said...

Happy birthday. Have a cigar.
St Monday, March 13, 2006 12:26:00 PM  

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