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Return from Cuba

Below are a few taster shots of my stay in Cuba earlier this week.

Above: the sea front running across the length of Havana.

Above: one of a sea of crumbling colonial buildings that typify the architecture of central Havana.

Above: a Havanan street typified with Habaneros lazing about, sitting on their doorsteps.

Happy to report I returned home safely on Thursday morning. The James Bond in me was half wanting our plane to be blockaded by swarms of police cars before take-off, on the suspicion that I would be a dangerous anti-Castro reporter. Sadly (and gladly), that did not happen.

We did however take photos of many things that would be regarded politically sensitive, and on a few occasions were ushered to move on by the police. I recall the incident a few years ago of British tourists being arrested in Greece on the accusation of photographing in the wrong places, and frankly I think we were quite lucky at times to not have our cameras taken from us.

The photos from my 'fun' cam are currently being developed, but I'll post a full update (with pictures & videos) of my experiences and thoughts about Cuba soon. In the meantime I'll leave you with two (very low quality) videos taken with my camera-phone. You will need QuickTime to view them, but they're pretty cool I think.

If you're having problems with the videos, leave a comment below, and I'll try to reply with a solution.

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