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Reporting from Havana

Saludos de Cuba. I wasn't sure whether I would find internet access here, but there are in places. I have a friend working in this country at the moment, and he tells me that all internet communications are monitored by the government. This also includes any post he sends or receives, which is first opened at the post office before it reaches its destination. So I need to write with a bit of care. One means the government has in controlling internet information is to make it very expensive to use - I can only afford 30 minutes to write this article. So, what I can say is that it is truly amazing to be here. As I write this, I have the sound of live Cuban music drifting from across the street. Habana, the capital, is indeed a vibrant and captivating place to be. The streets are very safe to walk about any time of day (unlike Mexico City), and for me, its literally a breath of fresh air to be both by the coast, at sea level, and not breathing in smog with every breath! It's a beautiful and haunting city. It was also amazing to be able to celebrate my birthday two days ago here in Habana. There is actually a plaza here called '13 Marzo', the day of my birthday, so we went to visit it, and take some photos. I brought with me a 'fun' cam (disposable), so hopefully will have some good photos to put up soon. I must go, as my time is running out, and there is lots more I want to say about this country, and the people, but I will write more information to come when I'm back on democratic soil.

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Blogger Caroline said...

But did you do any cuban salsa whilst you could?!?! Sunday, March 19, 2006 10:54:00 AM  

Blogger Tim said...

We tried to find a 'Salsa' hall on my Birthday. The problem is Cuba has two currencies - one for Cubans and one for tourists. We did find one place, but unfortunately, on our zero-budget, we couldn't afford to enter. However, I did dance the Rumba at the roof-top bar of our hotel the night before. I was invited to dance by a very nice Cuban girl who was a member of the live group performing that night. Given I have only ever had one Rumba lesson in my life, my enthusiasm somewhat outweighed my ability. Well, for me it was an unforgettable moment, but I don't think she quite realised what she had let herself in for. Monday, March 20, 2006 11:09:00 AM  

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